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Monday, November 11, 2013

Dating Prison – Mr. Creepy #3

Name: Mr. Creepy 
Age: 31
Likes: Feisty women
Dislikes: Non-feisty women
Victim Eligible: Yes
Charge: Stare Crazy
Sentence:  1 years
Looks can definitely be deceiving
Mr. Creepy was sexy from head to toe
Seriously no flaws
At least none I could see
But dude was still creepy
He treated me like a Queen
The chemistry was top supreme
He was ridiculous in the garden
Indeed he was great with his hands
He owned a construction company
Manly indeed
When he cooked
I embraced his heritage
We had a lot in common
He also had an uncommon problem
Dude was still creepy
He would stare!
Not look
Not Admire
Just stare as if I were a statue
On display since 1776
You gotta be kidding me
I love admiration
But he was kind of random
It was creepy!
I woke up from a nap one day
And he was…staring!
We were watching T.V. one night
I thought he was sleep
Nope! He was…staring!
I asked him if he was hungry
He said “Baby I can get full just looking at you”
We begin to kiss and roar
I’m walking toward the bedroom door
He stopped me
Pulled me aggressively
Seductively close to him
He says: “Babe, where are you going?”
I just want to STARE at you!

Copyright 2013

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