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Sunday, August 12, 2012

F**k You I'm Me! #1 - The Original

I'm 5'3 and feisty                                                       
Attitude always Jersey
NC charming personality
Merge the two
B!tch I'm reality
Check your self-esteem at the door
You will NEVER explore
The brainpower I've endured
Because your key
Is a carbon copy
Not a duplicate
Like my line sister's chant
That PAPER sh!t
I'm not gonna lie
I gotta a MEAN streak
Only for THOSE
That try to HARM me
If you don't like the words
I write or speak
I advise you immediately
To close your mouth
Cover your cheeks
Because your opinion
Isn't worth two dicks & a clit
Trying to figure out which hole
Is meant for what bitch
Now ROGER that SH!T
F**k you b!tches
That are fake, unhappy, or  lonely
Mad because I can chill with the homie's
Without becoming a groupie
Its your insecurity
That fetch your man to me
While I sit still pretty
Exchange not one WORD
Diva as I can be
He comes to ME
Admiring the attempt
To get the pu$$y
Will not even give him
A two second conversation piece
And if I decide to indulge his ego
Just recognize its the WOMEN in me
That I can make decisions
That will not haunt me
If you need a lesson
Sign up for my registry
Study my Facebook page
Continue to send me
Honesty box messages
Because your fake a$$
Is scared to come at me CORRECTLY
However I understand
If I were you
I would feel the same way too
So once again
I advise you
To save that petty sh!t
For a fake b!tch
I don't tolerate bullsh!t
Now ROGER that SH!T
F**k you ni$$as
That are trifling, disrespectful, and temporarily battered
So called "player & pimps"
With your little 🍆s
Have you ever heard of Extenze
Using materialistic shit
As a form of approval
Here's a hint
A REAL woman will never be content
With a man that's NOT secure within his skin
Let me NOT forget you big  🍆 ni$$as
That don't give a sh!t
Use your 🍆 as a gift
To solve agreements
Or when your girl is about to dip
Because YOU think its the sh!t
Oblivious that women
Can replace your  🍆 with a computerize trick
Get IT!!
Now ROGER that SH!T

Copyright 2011

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