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Monday, August 27, 2012

"Be Happy" By: She's Crazii

Like seriously
Don’t worry
Be happy
It’s a phrase
We have all heard over the years
But honestly
How many of us fear
What other people
May think
May say
May feel
Realistically here’s the deal

Most people can careless how you feel
What you think
What you say
People actually care how they are being perceived
Let me be clear
People care when they are being perceived as something there are not
If you are anything like me
I will repeat it
Over and over again
Until it sticks
Who I am
Therefore no assumptions will take place
No misleading
No fiction
Just facts
So don’t worry
Be happy
Now on the other hand
For the individuals that has so much to say
About others
Yes I laugh at you LOL
It’s funny
Why take valuable time to speak negatively against the other person
FYI they are praying for you
Life is still good
The more you chose to share your unwelcomed “Concerns”
The success ladder is steady and increasing with every word you utter in vain
I would recommend
Change those negatives into positives
Focus on YOUR life
Discover something new about YOU
Do the unthinkable
Live Love Laugh
Stop the foolishness
After a certain age the B.S. must stop
So with that said
Don’t worry
Be happy
It’s a phrase
We have all heard over the years
Life is too short
I challenge you to
Don’t worry
Be happy

Copyright 2012 

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