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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I will NOT apologize!

I will NOT apologize for my ARTISTIC tongue
If you do not like what you see or hear
I suggest you look or read else where
I've been blunt and real for 29 years
So do not fear
My opinion
My tone
My drive to be reckless or to stand alone
My words do not define me
However my words can define you possibly
I can write from sex to beliefs
Or anything in between
My words can make you feel horny or free
Happy or angry
Regardless I will not apologize for my Artistic tongue
I am not your “typical” Artist
For example:
"Baby I will walk through your uterus
 Explore the walls of conception
While discovering the connection of birth control pills
Now I am lost
I keep it simple
Straight to the point
I do not have the time to express B.S.
I will NOT apologize for my ARTISTIC tongue
For example:
“The sex was great
Now I must plan for this brand new estate
Although my actions fail for the bait
I am blessed
However this is what happens when you fornicate”
I will NOT apologize for my ARTISTIC tongue
My writing serves different purposes
Depending on the person
It can be motivation
Something YOU desired to hear
That YOU are not the only person experiencing daily life issues/blessings
Perhaps YOU can connect with the character in the poem and discovered something about yourself
You may like poetry and enjoy different forms of art
Third Party Communication
Perhaps YOU want people’s opinions on your situation and ask me to write a poem about it
Foolishness/Being Nosey
Maybe you are bored with life and have nothing else to do but keep up with what Mz-AM is doing
I will NOT apologize for my ARTISTIC tongue
The choice is yours
Support me or not

I will NOT apologize for my ARTISTIC tongue
Copyright 2012 

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