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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me! (Canvas)

Every year before my birthday
I reflect on my life
Where I came from
Where I'm currently
Where my future will lead me
I am proud to say
Great job Ciera
On August 17th I will be 29 years old
I thank god for the last 28 years
I'm not perfect and will never claim to be
I'm a canvas
Each brush stroke display a point in my life
The Artist knows me well
He's remarkable
Every time a person purchase a canvas of me
He tells the buyer
"This canvas is not complete
Its actually apart of a series
If you buy one you must come back
And purchase the others
I promise its an investment that is priceless"
As I already stated
The Artist knows me well
He's remarkable
He allows me to grow with each brush stroke
Each canvas demonstrate a chapter in my life
Thus buyers seem to like different chapters
Depending on their personal preference
Perhaps it maybe relatable to particular moments
A reminder to push
Motivation to stay strong
A reason to not complain
Realization of growth
Who knows
One thing is certain
I'm a canvas
No dispute in that
I'm full of colors
A true masterpiece
And for that I am truly grateful
While I await the next canvas
The next chapter of my life
I thank my Artist unconditionally
He allows me to be "C"
And never regret anything
However experience everything
God please continue to use me at your will
Happy Birthday to Me!

Copyright 2012



  1. Awesome! This let's peple understand that their life isn't in their hands but their creator; and that its ok not to be a finished product! I love it!


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