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Thursday, July 12, 2012

5 Words or Less (Rapoetry)

Fake bitch
Dumb shit
Weak dick 
Confused clits
All that negativity mixed
You got bricks on bricks
A face to break
A soul to take
A heart to bake
Money on the line
Can't waste time
Try to constantly find
The rhythm to the rhyme
Ten steps ahead
Fifteen steps back
Never lack
The hustle in the struggle
The future is waiting
Remain polite
Yet reckless
Feet to breast
Keep your best
Close to you
Release those enemies
Bye Bye
Thanks for the success
Ha Ha
See you later
Hell Nah
Funny how shit change
Don't lie
It's cool boo
I'll buy
Remain fly
Fuck feelings
How clever
Remain leather
Make that money
Excuse those dummies
Applaud the drive
Make two rights
Keep straight
The journey is yours
Welcome to the new life!

Copyright 2012

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