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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Dear Dairy #10 FINALE - Attractive

It started off                                                                                            
Not wanting to be attractive
Being attractive seems to bring
The wrong reactions
For me
The math wasn't mathing
Beauty exudes from the inside
We rocking
Beauty includes from the outside
We popping
Beauty is the eye of the beholder
We locked in
FlashbackInsecurities seek within
At 9 the whistle begins
At 10 the looks become frightening
At 11 the verbal sexual abuse
Was the excuse for acceptance
Let's not get to the physical abuse yet
The footprints are exact
Is the only way they react
Picture that
Legal entities are like friend-enemies
Special agents smoking trees
Trying to keep up with the deeds
Just to
Become a menace to the streets
Now let's clap back
It's more to add to this
Like an activist
The root is the real catalyst
Our ancestors had their backs broken & whipped for this
Suffered in silence but their spirit STILL exist
We live their lives daily
Just for existence
To repeat the same cycles
For the misfits
The triggers that started it
Keep it in the family was a part of it
Inbreed and/or mix breed
The seed equal money
Greed is the true lean
High off the power
Not concerned of generational disaster
Will denounce the child if it darker
No matter if the DNA is partial
Now let's spit facts
We all know the truth
Mofos don't want to accept it
What makes us ugly
Mofos sweep the truth under the carpet
Acting as if nothing happened
Covered lies is like shit
They bring flies
Lurking for the fruit
Thats bananas
When it comes to where the truth thrives
Let me save you some time
If you hide the truth
Your lies will be your demise
Being attractive can be a disgust
Covered up with makeup
Wigs, nail, lashes and fake smiles
Popularity, Rich Money & fake sales
BBLs, Big titties & a small waist
Legs never match
Let's be clear
Gym day is a part of the agenda
For a bad day
A false prophet is the new wave
Mofos know the difference
But it's a keepsake
It's a gateway
To the devilish ways
Its games play
It's giving checkers
Not chess
The strategy is the epitome
Of stress
I'll rather wear sweatpants
Look homeless
No makeup
Still looking classic
It’s come with wisdom benefits and experiences
That you can’t imagine
Being attractive is not a contest
I beg of you
Stop selling yourself short
Due to trauma by default
Embrace your natural beauty
It’s Priceless
Being yourself authentically
Is truly satisfaction
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