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Sunday, December 31, 2023

Dear Dairy #8 - Peace Treaty

It took a long time                                                         
For her to gather her Thoughts
So many Sleepless nights
Sweat draining down her Face
Pillow soaked in Tears
From in-depth Nightmares
When she Awakes
She could no longer see the Faces
That scared her Fears
Her spiritual Guides
Ready to Attack
She's afraid to let them Loose 
Although she knows God got her Back
Will she be in the Wrong and/or Right
She continues to Fight with It
Back to Back 
Triggers, Negativity, and Revenge  
Everything in her want them to Cringe 
What is her next Move 
What will she Do
Will she Defend the Fake Ass Truth
Mofos keep her Name in their Mouths
She hasn’t been Outside since Covid came Out
She sat still in Silence 
Awaiting Gods Presence 
Heal me God is the wishful Present 
Gifted and wrapped in Abundant Blessings 
She sat still in Silence 
Awaiting Gods Lessons
Teachings from the MOST High
She became the Reference 
Likeable Resource 
He gave her more Sources to Reinforce 
He gave her more Guidance to see through the Defiance
He gave her more Hope to enable a Note
Her PEN helps her Cope
Written on blank walls of Transparency 
You must understand the God in HER
She put words together like a HEALER
You must understand its Destiny
She put words together like Serenity
You must understand the Forgiveness within She  
She put people back Together like a Peace Treaty
You must understand its Peace in these Streets
She promote Positivity Regularly
It took a Long Time 
For her to gather her Thoughts
She needed to make Sure
These Words would be Caught
It's a Peace Treaty 

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