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Friday, December 3, 2021

The World We Live In: P.A.S.T . #8

I never thought                                                                      
I would be having
This conversation with you
It saddens me
To my soul
Our time has come to an end
We really have to
Let each other go
It’s RAP
We must hang-up
The cleats
We ran our courseIt was a good race
No matter how many times
We clashed
Stepped on each other’s toes
Bruised each other’s nose
Put a dent in each other’s heels
Wore out each other’s shoes
Fight against each other’s rules
I have to let you go
No matter how many times
We held each other
Had each other’s back
Defended each other’s
No matter how many times
We loved each other
Over and over again
It’s time for new beginnings
I’ll never forget
The lessons that turned into blessings
Well Damn
I still love you
I still want you
I still need you
I still desire you
I still crave you
I still want to fight for you
No one will love you
Like I do
No one will support you
Like I do
NO one will remind you
I’m your PAST
Like I do
Who was there for you
No matter the wrong or right
Who was there for you
During those dark days and nights
Who was there for you
When your back was against the wall
Who did you call
You can’t let me go

Yes I can
It’s already done
Let’s be clear
Trust Me
I love you
More than you will never know
I have to let you go
You will always be a part of me
It’s necessary
For me to utilize my gifts
Turn negatives into positives
The letters maybe the same
The acronym is different
The PAST use to be
That shit was yesterday’s news
I’m ready for tomorrow
Now the PAST is
I’m ready to LIVE my LIFE
Provide a BEST-Imony
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