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Friday, December 24, 2021

Dear Dairy #2 -Universal Lessons

It is crazy how lessons                                                                                 
Can be universal
I was playing a card game online
It started off great
I was winning
Feeling undefeated
Halfway through the game
I’m confident
Still smiling
Feeling undefeated
Ready for the next game
This game is clearly over
Then I screamed
Hold up
I instantly stopped cheesing
Ish wasn’t funny anymore
This MOFO turned the tables
Had a seat and showed up
Showed out
Took the lead
It seem like every move
I made
Was the wrong move
The clock is ticking
Two minute left
I’m so behind
It would take the right move
To get back on track
I started strategizing
Making the right moves
Making the right choice
Took the lead back
No smile
Just focused on the course
One minute left
We going back and forth
I’m in the lead
I’m not
I’m in the lead
I’m not
30 Seconds left
I’m in the lead
15 Seconds left
I’m in the lead
5 Seconds left
I’m no longer in the lead
1 Second left
I’m back in the lead
It was a GREAT game
Very intense
Emotional rollercoaster
The moral of the story
I WON because
I never gave up

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