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Saturday, November 20, 2021

The World We Live In - Cut OFF #7

Cut Off                                                                                                            
It has come to my Attention
It’s time for a cut Off
You Know
End of the Night
Lights Off
Party Over
Good bye
Don’t come Back

Now Listen
My heart is too Big
To be so Ruthless
However at the same Time
The lioness in me is Ruthless
The divine masculinity
In me is Ruthless
The Leo in me
Can be Ruthless
Per the situation at Hand
The Queen in Me
Is the ultimate Ruler
Decisions are based Off
The innocent and Accuser 
The evidence Presented
The facts and truth Teller
The Lady in Me
Is Vulnerable
The lover and Protector
Will be the first to fight your Battles
Whether you can or Can’t
No Matter
When you f**k Up
Just Know
I‘ll tell You
You f**ked Up
The Mother in Me
Is too Nurturing
Not to give you the Love
You need and Seek
The friend in Me
Is true Indeed
My word is my Bond
My bond is my Word
Be happy I don’t Expose
Your ass in this Poem
Your secrets are Still
Safe with Me
The businesswomen in Me
Doesn’t have Time
For the Foolery, F**kery, and/or Peasantry
The Artist in Me
Is too Original
To compete with delusional People
That can’t Respect
I’m their Equal
The faith in Me
Grace and Mercy
It’s only Right
I Exchange
Grace with Mercy
The God in Me
Makes sure
I’m forever Blessed
Thus I want the BEST for You
The forgiver in Me
Understands how the World
Can make you feed off fake Seeds
Thus you’re Blessed
To have a friend like Me
The Lover in Me
Will try over, over, and over Again
Put my pride Aside
To love you Regardless
Of the rides and/or Tides
The provider in Me
Will give you The
Resource and Tools
You need to succeed for Free
Let’s Be Clear
If I CUT you Off
You CUT yourself Off
Thus I feel the Need
To make Sure
The transaction is Complete
I have no Problem
Conquering your Thirst
You got to be a stupid
Mother F**ker
To attempt to betray Me
To take advantage of Me
To disrespect Me
To attempt to play Me
You were the Trick
I am the Treat
That happened to seek
What you Please
Self-discovery is Key
When it’s all said and Done
F**k You I’m ME
Access Denied
You’re no Longer
Crown Certified
In these Streets

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