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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Dear Crush: Profile Pic #1

I hope all is well with you
Today…My Luv
The other day
I took a quick look at your profile pic
I must admit
While I lick my lips
You fine Ass F**k
I bet those abs are sick
I bet that thang is thick
By the look of that thang
Through your pants
The width makes me repent
For all my sins
I must be honest
I’ll chill though
That smile
Can turn on everyone’s power
Show some teeth
Will cause an outage
An electrical disaster
I think
I may need a defibrillator
My heart is beating so fast
I have a heart murmur
Just thinking about you
…and that smile
It’s also your Demeanor
Your Mentality
What you Represent
Your Reality
How you Speak
With Authority
What you Breathe
Is Loyalty
What you Need
Is Royalty
What you Need
Is a Queen
Like Me
Crown Certified
In these streets
What you may be hiding
I’m willing to seek
What you may be feeling
I’m willing to go deep
What you may be hearing
I’m willing to preach
What you may be needing
I’m willing to provide
What you may be fighting
I’m willing to rock
It’s crazy
What your profile pic
Does to me
If you’re looking for a Rider
Prepare my Seat
Polish my Crown
Don’t Sh!t
Where you eat
Professional by day
Lioness by night
Opinions vary
It won’t be easy
To not fight
To not like
To not love
The profile pic
I must admit
In every pic
It’s your angles
That makes me think
If you can penetrate
Every angle
While licking my clit
Let me slow down
We haven’t got there yet
When it’s all said and done
I just want to be the one
To take every profile pic
Because it reminds me
Of everything I stated
Above THIS
To be continued…

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