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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

20 New Year: CAN WE - Solutions #2

1.  Can we stop depending on others to be happy  
2.  Can we stop playing and taking life too seriously!
      3.  Can we understand life is priceless!
      4.  Can we understand forgiveness is a virtue!
      5.  Can we stand for change and actually make change!
      6.  Can we stand on ground; make it shake, without giving a fuck, if we make it brake!
      7.  Can we love not hate, acknowledge not fake, be real not snake, listen not portray!
      8.  Can we love, not cheat, ON love, not give up, ON love, fight for love!
      9.  Can we support without rendering an invoice!
     10. Can we support with the objective to actually support!
     11. Can we forgive/settle without going to court!
     12. Can we forgive, without violence, not end up, in the dirt!
     13. Can we uplift not dismiss!
     14. Can we uplift not get jealous!
     15. Can we encourage not perish!
     16. Can we encourage and actually encourage!
     17. Can we teach not deplete!
     18. Can we teach but actually complete!
     19. Can we heal from history and create a new extended history!
     20. Can we heal from trauma; turn it into knowledge, the seed blossom, that’s the mystery!

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