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Friday, January 31, 2020

Dear Crush: I Like Ish #2

I like Ish…                                                          
I’m not your typical women
Thus I like different Ish
For an example:
I like walks in the park Ish
Then we F**k in the park Ish
Then we get caught by the police
Catch an indecent exposure charge Ish
Nah seriously we won’t get caught Ish
But if we caught Ish
Let’s run like Forrest Gump Ish
I’m spontaneous Ish
Take a risk type of chick
Edgy like a knife
I will cut some Ish
Cook Ish
Provide it to the riches
Get rich Ish
Make a deal with the mistress
No snitching
She’ll be the witness
No ditching
The truth
Is the gifting
I like Ish…
I like entrepreneurship & entertaining
I entertain
Because I want to
It runs through my veins
It’s a must I do
It’s the wave
It’s my ancestors
Making sure
I’m using my brain
I’m an entrepreneur
Because I want to
It’s embedded in my mental
One plus one equals two
Both traits combined
It’s no stopping the grind
Dear crush
I like Ish…
Can you put your
Pride to the side
Let me Live and Ride
The Gift that Life provides
Dear crush
Can I be your driver
Number one rider
The yin
To your Yang
The Gina
To your Martin
The Jade
To your Smith
The Jolie
To your Brad
The Whitney
To your Bobby
No matter what
We will get
Beyond thee
The Ciera
To the Mz-AM
Always Crown Certified
The beauty
To the beast
It’s Jersey time
The Leo
To the lioness
I’m hungry now
The Queen
To your King
I’m Empire bound
You Ready
Dear crush
I like Ish….
Simple Ish
Like playing spades
Food on the grill
A couple of friends over
End the night
Just me and you
Netflix and chill
I like Ish
Garden Ish
I embrace my green thumb
Plant flowers and relax
Sip on some wine
Reflect on life
Thank God I’m blessed
Manifest on what I want next
By the way
Tulips are my favorite
I like to help Ish grow
I want my own
Farmers market
Can you be my gardener
Dear crush
I like
Workout Ish
Yes per the gym
Lift those weights
Build on my endurance
But I also like
The workout gem
At least three times a week
That morning tea
That light lunch
That heavy dinner
That snack
Bring you back
Get me snatched
Dear crush
I like Ish….

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