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Thursday, January 16, 2020

20 New Year: REAL-Solutions #1

1. Be REAL to yourself; Fuck what everyone else says/think!   
2. You have one Life to Live, Live it fearlessly!
3. Understand the difference between: Family, Friends, Business, Associates, Work, and Relationships!
4. Seek, Build, and Create a relationship with GOD that’s groundbreaking!
5. Know thyself before being with someone else!
6. Stop judging yourself: accept the Good, Bad, and Ugly!
7. Understand DNA is what makes you related by birth; family is what you create within Life!8. Toxicity doesn’t discriminate NO ONE IS SAFE!
9. SEX sells so does KNOWLEDGE, JEWELS, WISDOM, and keeping your CLOTHES on!
10. Being cordial is not FAKE; it’s being GROWN and knowing how to MOVE on in a positive aspect!
11. GRIND or be FINE with your situation and DO NOT COMPLAIN!
12. Understand ONE BAG is NEVER enough, multitasking produce multiple BAGS!
13. Speak your TRUTH, Be FREE, Stop the CYCLE, and BE THE REDEMPTION!
14. Before placing judgement on others, place judgement on yourself. However, keep in MIND no
one should judge PERIOD!
15. Never compromise your Integrity for NOTHING! The blessing will come!
16. A true ARTIST expresses themselves no MATTER what people THINK!
17. Love is Love, Hurt is Hurt! Know and understand the difference!
18. Patience is truly a virtue, the wait is WORTH it!
19. Someone else’s perception of YOU is NOT your business or Reality!
20. Believe in yourself before you believe in anyone else!

***Which of the following do you like?***

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