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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

T.O.C. #11 - #Blanked - Bonus Poem

Stop playing yo    
I'll roll you up
Smoke you bitch
If isn’t exotic
Ill dust you bitch
Put you in the oven
Roast you bitch
Take you out the oven
Ghost you bitch
Serve the bones
To the other bitch
This is what you get
When you hit the switch
I'll put you on blast
Like the pussy’s you lick
Like the dicks you flip
Excuse the littles ones
Because it’s not their fault
They don’t deserve that shit
How many times
I got to tell you
I don't fuck with
Phony bitches
Lesson learned
Yo straight
From mommy dearest
Trust me
You don’t want to hear this
The first on site
The first to bite
The first to aim
The first to shoot
The first to break
The first to let loose
The first to put ME
Out MY misery
She’s a Crazy bitch
You really hit the switch
When you try to fuck with
Her descendant  
Its dead sense
You get the top off the rim
A mix of salt and sugar included
The heat of the sun
The rage of hell
The gift that bless
Wish you well
Regardless the negativity you expel
The true solider at hand
The commander at chief
The love of all languages
She speaks
Make sure you hit the NC switch
Not the NJ Switch
Perhaps WE can BOSS some shit
She can be
The sweet
The Sour
The beauty
The BEAST that will devour
Anything and Everything
Tasmania devil on her back
She’s always ready to travel
Fuck up shit in 2.5 seconds
Its urgency
She don’t have an hour
Its currency
Most MOFOs isn’t worth the dollar
Or cents
What the fuck she look like reacting
Over some change
When she’s priceless
Its common sense
No blanking necessary
In the midst of chaos
There is STILL a Message
Don’t lose focus
Don’t even worry
Dismiss the case
Like Maury
Provide the proof
It’s worthy
Let them
Run those lines
It’s blurry
Let them
Speak the fake news
It’s thirsty
Let them
Preach the wrong blues
It’s hurting
Let them
Think they know you
It’s lurking
Let them pursue
The old you
Its learning
Let them
Get to know
The new you
It’s growing
So let them
Let them
Has nothing to do with you
The realest is too much
The fakeness is a bluff
So why blank
That’s a trait I can give up

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