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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Leo Season – Day #1 Freestyle

It’s that time of season 
It’s that time to roar
It’s the re-certification
For the Lion’s cause
The jungle restores
We breed Queens
Not hoe's
We breed Kings
Not dogs
We live life
Not wars
We battle goals
Not scores
Fist up
Clowns down
Enemies’ stepdown
Lurk from the crowd
No entry fee
No time allowed
Just positive vibes
Keep hope alive
Stand loud and proud
Regardless if anyone denies
The truth is crown certified
No applause needed
Just recognize
We are the people
For the people
Our love is genuine  
Our spirit is hard to find
You’ll miss it
If ever denied
You’ll witness it
If you can handle
The bite
You’ll get it
If you can
See past night
You’ll feel it
If the time is right
You’ll love it
If the heart
Can ride
Then you’ll know
A LEO has been
Presented in your life

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