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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Confidence #7 - My Frustration

My frustration is beyond belief
My pain is in need of a decrease
Instead it’s a daily dose of an increase
I never requested
What’s wrong with peace?
Why not cease and beginning to heal
Put back together those broken pieces
Live in a world with no excuses
Live in a world without
Having to chuck the deuces
Live in a world where BLACK
Is not the MAIN attraction
Live in a world where FREEDOM
Hands Up
Doesn’t come with a cost or death
Fist Up
Due to a natural reaction
Live in a world When rest
Truly means Rest not RIP
See I’m a product of my environment
The government
The system
Chained by the brain
I fought hard to dismiss them
All my life
It seemed like
A bad dream
The devil consistently
Following me
In my shadow
He be
In my face
I see
In my thoughts
I speak
Surrounding by bad seeds
No water
No fertilizer
But that weed
Keeps growing
Setup from the start
Failure was the default
The equation provided
The method
The method
Was the key
That opened the door
To success
The fucked up part
The equation
Is me
My ancestors
My good seeds
My victorious spirit
The African in me
The God that birth me
The Queeness that…uuummmm
The world Needs
As I look at my surroundings
All I see is peace
All different races
Embracing each other
No sign of separation
No sign of distress
No sign of depression
No sign of stress
No sign of violence
But let the government
Tell it
We’re at racial war
But let the government
Spell it
L.I .E. S.
Core values at its best
The land of the free
Where free costs you everything
Especially your life in 2016
I’m an 80’s baby
But I can feel
The noose around
My neck
It’s never loose
I can’t breathe
Shot in the chest
Every time
The media streams
Simple people willing to
Believe anything
Caught in the equation
Now a part of the method
Put on display
Our people dying everyday
I’m sicken by the though t and fact
This is reality
It’s a new day
It's the new wave
It’s the past days
Replaced with a new face
My frustration is beyond belief…

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