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Saturday, August 31, 2013

They be like

GDI’s be like:
No the fuck she didn't?
Wait…is she a dyke now?

Yes the fuck I did (chuckle)
I'm not my hair
So yeah
You can't run through it
Did she really do that?
Is this real?
Did someone Photoshop?
Pump your breaks dear
Hell yea
You're in the wrong Lane
Speed limit
State and zip code
Stuck on the side of the road
I’m not my hair

GDI’s be like:
Men don't like women with short ass hair!

Kings never fear
I love my brothers
But if you need that long hair
I got that Brittany, Ebony, Amber, and Tiffany
In the back
Give me two minutes flat
I’ll transform
You turned on
I’m turnt up
Then I shut it down
You want more rounds
Who’s talking about hair now?
I’m not my hair

GDI’s be like:
Where that long hair come from…didn't she cut it?

Queens listen up hear
No need to fear self
Embrace your wealth
Your wealth is your beauty
Your beauty is within
Within is a purpose
Purpose is LIFE
So LIVE it
Hell if you want too
Wig it
Braid it
Wave it
Dread it
Cut it
Bob it
Just fucking rock it
Embrace before the time escape
Do you!

Copyright 2013

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