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Friday, September 20, 2013

Family First

I hear these two words often
Family First
Do you truly put your Family First?
I'm not discrediting those that actually exemplify Family First
The definition of Family is a group consisting of children and parents under the same household
Descendants of a common ancestor
Such as family tree and bloodline
The definition of First is coming before all others in time or order
Such as earliest and 1st
Position, rank, and importance
Now I'll ask the question again
Do you truly put Family First?
Better yet have you even attempted?
I'm not discrediting those that actually exemplify Family First
It’s sad to say but for some people
Family doesn't come first
It absolutely disgusts me
The fact of the matter is
In 2013 Family will FUCK you FIRST
Watch you starve
Make you thirst
Prepare you to die
By stress
Unnecessary drama
Pass the bucket of shit
On the next generation to clean up
Dig up
Relive situations
Solve problems
Buried it again
Just to approach another obstacle
Where the last one End
The fact of the matter is
Some people should not be able to have kids
Better yet they should be responsible enough to know this
Make the right decisions
Therefore the kids will not have to put up with their bull shit
It’s ridiculous
Fucked by family and the system
Where is the medium
Kids are dying left to right
Marriages are ending
Quick as a flight
The world is  constantly changing
People switching up overnight
Churches looking for the quickest dollar
Little’s girls looking for the next follower
Young ladies looking for the fattiest wallet
Little boys seeking the gang life for some power and cash
Young men looking for some pussy and/or ass
Babies having babies
Due to the lack of having
And the list goes on
The fact of the matter is
It starts with FAMILY FIRST!

Copyright 2013

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  1. Thanks Aisha...hopefully people will get the message...:)

  2. !!!!Loved This!!!! Thank you for sharing with me - when people find the love, peace, and blessings of God then they will understand empathy and family.


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