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Saturday, August 17, 2013

30 and 1st Amendment

You damn right
I’m 30 and...
I have the right
To say what the fuck I want
Damn it
Yes sir and ma'am
This is NOT pg. 13


Before reading further:

Please acknowledge that Mz-AM is not responsible for the words, actions, or expressions she may exercise while YOU continue to read…

I've been waiting on this very moment
For a long time now
Where I can honestly say
I don't give a fuck
Let me rephrase
Let me not
Yes that's correct
Please utilized the 'uuuucccckkkk'
When and where it’s appropriate
You're welcome
I do this shit
It’s in me
Now back to the subject at hand
I don’t give a fuck
And below are the reasons why
I've cared my entire life
I will continue to care
It’s in me
Therefore I don't give a fuck
I treat people the way I want to be treated
Yet I'm treated differently
I don't give a fuck
What's insane
Regardless of how people treat me
I will continue to treat people the way I want to be treated
That will never change
Its in me
I don't give a fuck
I love until its hopeless
Hopeless is never hopeless if there is hope
Are you focus
I don't give a fuck
I hurt until there is no joke
If laughter equaled pain
I would so be rich
My only worry
Would be
Stomach pains
Can you hang
I don't give a fuck
Responsibilities is my reality
If you truly know me
My struggles defines half of me
My future success will manifest indefinitely
Child please
You still screaming in these streets
Pump your brakes
Lights camera action
Retake please
This is a serious matter
You're a non MF factor
I don't give a fuck
Bitches jealous
Sleeping while sipping tea
I know
You ask
How could this be
They FAKING in these streets
True shit
Inspiration is a poet's WET DREAM
So thank you to the
Fuck ups
Fuck downs
Fuck middles
Fuck sideways
You get the point
And further more
My inspiration for the last six bars
I don't give a fuck
Oh and for the…
Yo she's mean
I'm not mean
I'm a Queen
I enjoy expression
I’m 30 and I utilize the 1st amendment
So choke on that
I don’t give a fuck

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