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Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Shorty - Popular Poems

She'll have her first billion 
By 40
She’s not your typically
Not your normal shorty
Fuck your money and that 2020 Mercedes Benz
Shorty got true talents
She ain't worried about that materialist shit
Her grind makes her pussy wet
Your dick is attracted to it
A fucking fiesta
Punta’s under her umbrella
No matter how real she maybe
You simple creatures
Don't get it
She’s one of a kind
Made specially order to perfection
In god's eyes
Also to whom that is important
Or perhaps
Someone whom she’s supposed to reach
She has a gift
She is the gift
Never afraid
Never question the sense
Obey and serve
You simple creatures get mad
When she progress and proceed
Everything she touch becomes a deed
Everything she bless
Plants a seed
You envy
She flourishes
You hate
She relish  
She’s too busy
To dispute anything unnecessary
Who cares about
The next maybe
So so
She’s concentrating on the
Did you know know
If not
I got the best prices on the low low
Sincere yet confident
Make a simple bitch think
Make a nerd into a freak
Shorty got talent
She don’t need a man for his green
She invest
Got funds on the side
In an offshore account
Shorty a ride or die
Business ventures
The way she walk
Pussy must be infamous
Hell I'll drink her bathwater
Shorty makes me and every man
I heard she was from Jersey
Now live in the south
I got to be careful
I don't want to put my foot
In my mouth
Shorty can slice you in many pieces
With one word or a glance
Try her if you want to
That will be your mistake
The silence indeed
You will regret
It’s like shorty cool
One of the dudes
But she has a pussy
Get me
She’s the type you can chill with
Make love to
Go to the gun range
She will kill it in at least two two
And shorty romantic
Shorty got me like
Déjà vu vu
I never thought this love shit was true true
She got me so through
Fuck the games
Fuck the women
Fuck the lies
Yo my shorty straight
Crown certified
Business women by day
Freak by night
Lunch always bring me bonuses
Nothing but stilettos and a coat
That’s my type of surprise
She breaks me off
Don’t want anything in reply
Shorty even cooks
Keeping me full and tired
Feel me
My shorty is everything I want
And everything I like
My shorty always keeps me satisfied

Copyright 2013

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