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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Situations: Terminated

Ex Employee: Mz-AM where did we go wrong

Mz-AM: Really...Do I need to answer that question

Ex – Employee: Yes, please be honest with me


You want the truth but in all honesty you can’t handle it
What kind of man let a Queen slip through his fingers
Do nothing to stop the process of slowly departing
Instead sit back and relax on the fact that I would not leave
Dude please
Wake the fuck up
Stop daydreaming
I gave you everything you need and more
You never complained
However displayed how much you gained
Now you have the audacity
To ask a question you should be asking yourself
Where did we go wrong
Replace the WE with I
Now reflect
Remember the moments of neglect
The lack of respect
You were my priority
Always came first
You flaunt me as your private property
During moments like open house
Meetings and greetings
I played the part that was my fault
Knowing there were moments of vacancy
Days alone with complete privacy
You left me to lean on my own understanding
No clarification or reprimanding
When asked was their someone else
You brushed the subject off
And stated you know what's up
I love you I'm no fool
But you're actions told me the truth
You of all people know
I've played this game several times
I can read between the lines
So why the hell should I continue to try
You wasn’t on the job
I require full time positions only
You know the rules
First a conversation
Second a verbal warning
Third a written warning
The next offense
You left me no choice
Now you're unemployed
You can always apply for unemployment benefits
Not on my tab
Misconduct and various absents
Will keep me laughing
While you try to appeal
Knowing damn well you can not lie
A King stepped up and asked to apply
How could I deny
He's willing to work overtime
Work from home
Manage conference calls
Make it to every meeting
Never tardy
Travel no matter the season
He has years of experience in this field
His resume is amazing
His references are creditable
He has a bachelors in Honesty/Responsibility
Minor in Aspirations/Passion
Masters in Commitment/Loyalty
Minor in Love/Personality
PhD in Communication/Relationships
Most importantly he understands a relationship is a job
Willing to do anything not to get terminated

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