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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Top 20 Sex Edition: Men Do NOT

  1. Sweetheart if I'm not in a committed relationship with you please do not call me, Ill call you when I want some dick.
  2. Sir do not eat my pussy then kiss me. I know my pussy is clean, but damn nigga go brush your teeth first. I do not eat pussy you do!
  3. Dude if you want some pussy and I'm sleep, please do not poke me in my sleep, just simply  awake me with a surrender entrance or a warm mouth piece. (Women like that shit)
  4. Youngster if you do not know how to eat pussy or fuck, try watching a porn, ask a friend, however by any means necessary get your dick game up before pounding the hell out of a woman.
  5. Little dick niggas for some women its not the size that matters (excluding me) its the fact if you can work that dick. Thus learn how to reach that g-spot and drive her ass crazy.
  6. Big dick niggas (hello) please note just because you're truly blessed that does not mean you know how to fuck. Thus riding you all night is not the biz, hell ladies want to get that ass turned out as well!
  7. Youngster if you continue to have a issue finding the hole, where you're suppose to enter...STOP right NOW and do not have sex until you get it right!
  8. Men stop faking most of you claim you're a freak but do not like toys! Stop it right now! Play with some toys bring some excitement into your relationship. Note other women are not toys!
  9. Sir dry tongues are not allowed during the eating pussy process!
  10. Dude please ask a women first if she likes it in the ass, just don't surprise a chick. Hell she might surprise you and return with a toy in your ass! LOL
  11. Men do not ask women to lick your nipples, that's gay! Just let her do it!
  12. Sir do not ask a women to suck your dick, if she wants to trust she will without you asking.
  13. Men please stop making the statement "I did it to you" so what, hell you wanted to. Stop assuming that a women is going to return the favor. If eating that pie is not apart of your sexual process then do not do it!
  14. Sweetheart if you have a small dick, own it! Stop surprising women after all that talk about what you're going to do and how big it is. You just might get cut. lol
  15. Sir please never forget women become very aroused by their imaginations, thus a little dirty talk is acceptable. However do not talk to much she might get turned off.
  16. Youngster please turn off your cell phone once you reached her residence, a cell phone going off during sex will result in a dry pussy! Trust she will be turned off especially if its booty call hours. Negative sir!
  17. Sir not all women like to be spit on, that shit is nasty to a lot of women. We understand saliva is used as moisturizer for the genitals, but face, stomach, ass, & etc is not appropriate.
  18. Men stop telling women to say "that's my DICK or this is your pussy" when you know damn well that shit is not true.
  19. Men stop lying to women stating you want them to have your baby during sex. Did you not see Baby Boy, keep on playing you will end up with 3 or more kids.
  20. Sweetheart if you do not know how to KISS practice with a chick that does not mind or a stuff animal. However under no circumstances do you try kissing someone in real life until you get it right. Copyright 2012 


  1. lol... you are a hard woman to please...

  2. That's my fellow lioness..... Were not hard to please we just like things done right!!! Excellent job Ciara!!


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