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Monday, January 9, 2012

Crown Certified

As I lay here in my bed at 9:34pm on January 09, 2012
I will answer a question I've asked myself
Who is Ciera Nicole Young?
So I give you complete honesty
A handful of individuals can truly speak of the woman I've become
75% of individuals have absolutely no idea who the fuck I am
However assumptions are contagious and deadly once addressed with facts
50% of individuals I connect with verbally
Let’s be clear I've always had a mouth piece
I handle it like a pistol firm but precisely
25% of individuals I bond with emotionally
Not because I'm emotionally detached
Nonetheless my heart has been to rehab more frequently
Compared to the worst drug addict
I recoup, evaluate the situation, and apply the lesson learned
What can I say?
I love to LOVE and to be loved
15% of individuals I relate to mentally
Mainly because I was born into this world with a young face
An older state of mind 
Common sense, books, and street knowledge
Feisty stance and business savvy
Thus it’s hard to get at me
10% of individuals I rock with spiritually
I require to be equally yoked with my mate
However that goes for anyone who desires a place
In this righteous race
5% of individuals will never get the chance to know me
Which is cool?
I have no tolerance for simple bitches
Or judgmental groupies
Now that's some statistics for your ass
I am who I SAY I am
I walk in the shoes I was GIVEN
I speak by the voice I was BORN with
I play the cards I was DEALT
I live the life that was PLANNED for me
I have managed to repair every hindrance into a blessing
Weak moment into strong tokens
Disappointments into joyous occasions
Negatives into positives
Rock bottom into opportunities  
Trails into treasures
Mistakes into letters
Written on paper
I'm a DIVA
A talented GO-GETTA
A QUEEN with endless dreams
The moral of this poem is
I am limitless 
I am not what man presume
I am reality

I am Ciera Nicole Young

Copyright 2012


  1. and BOOM! say that poetic sista...that was very NICE! new fan here <3

  2. Winner! You can't be stopped! #respect

  3. never cease to amaze keep up the momentum.


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