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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bridge Women or Man

Life is a bitch
We live it
We all hope for the best
When its all said and done
We don't always get what we wish
So when it comes to failed relationship
We revamp our list
But in the mean time
We go after the next dick
Or pussy that can prevent misery
Which I call the Bridge Women or Man
That's exactly what they are
A bridge
The cover up
The temporary fix
The short distance to the next destination
The one you will never marry
However good enough to hit (f**k)
By no means thinking about commitment
They satisfy the pain that's within
Kiss you in places that he or she wouldn't
Take you on dates
REAL ones
Travel to different places
Enlighten you to what he or she has to offer
However make it relevant
That sex can wait
And to rush
Isn't proper
Stroke your ego like he's Jay and she's Beyonce
For a moment shit is great
Escaping the feeling of being raped
Of love, loyalty, and respect
Due to the mate of your previous relationship
Would not dare to let prosper
Not unless it cost you
Even if you have a dime
He or she didn't have the time
Which result in you
Serving the sentence for the crime
So now you have a bridge Women or Man
Can not distinguish fantasy from reality
Because your heart is stuck in formality
Of being broken over and over again
So what do you do
You shit on the best person for you
Over and over again
Passing the bucket from man to man
Or women to women
Now their heart is broken
And when you look back
Reflect on what you could've had
It smacks you dead in the face
However now its too late
To make up and take your place
So the lesson is this
We've all have bad relationships
Learn from it
Move on
And do NOT bring your baggage
Into the next relationship
Because he or she might be the person
You've been yearning for known as the bridge Women or Man

Copyright 2012


  1. Ooh I like this! The so-called "rebound" is really a bridge isn't it? Well written poem, great job!

  2. Yes but no...yes because it depends on the person. No because someone might meet another individual and have true intentions to get to know them. Thus the reason to not not think of the bridge women or man as the rebound.
    Thank you!


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