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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Love Drops by: Mz-AM and BobbyThePoet

Its moments like this    
....I wish
Love drops would fall
I don't mind to get wet
Let each drop
Touch me
Protect me
Cover me
Take over my entire body
I will not take shield
I will embrace it
Roll around
Play with it
Inhale like a fein
Straight face it
I wanna taste it
Just one more time
Hell its worth the try
A diamond in the rough
Always take the crown
Those love drops
Take hold of me
Its us against time
Ohhhh love drops...
Let those love drops fall from the land of pleasure
Allow me to soak in your love drops and get wetter and wetter
And to the weather man there better be rain storms in the local weather
Because those love drops remind me of what it is that we have
Which is a love that's monumental
Epic indeed
I remember hearing the love drops tinkle
My heart joy sprinkle
Let those love drops drizzle
My love is ready for any disaster in the making
For the two of us share a piece of something that sentimental
Our love for one another stands through any storms from times in history
While candy coated love drops fall from paradise
Washing away all our mournful misery...
I wanna get soaked in your erotic downpour
Absorbing all your sexy whirlwind has to offer
Opening the flood gates of ecstasy
I want your body next to me
Caressing me
Pouring down love drops
Saturating my manhood
Causing it to ascend and rise
Drenching the promise land and tabernacle between your thighs...
Ohhh those love drops
Soak until the soil dry
No refill necessary
Unlimited supply
Lets swim together
Drown ourselves in a mystery high
Password gated
Forsake the jewels
Penetrate the mental
Admire the physical
Enter the soul safely
Never leave it cripple 
Its moments like this
...I notice
Love drops fall
I wanna make love to your memory
So that you'll never forget me,
I want the atmosphere to rain down drops like intoxicating shots of Hennesy
Let these love drops be our rapturous remedy
Let it thunder and rain in each others presence
Let these love drops intertwine in our essence,
Let it rain
Let rain
Just let it rain....

Copyright 2011

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