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Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Are You Talking About? (Part 2) By: Manifested feat. Mz-AM

*****Disclaimer: The following poem is a poetic argument between a husband and wife. Manifested and Mz-AM are just playing characters. No poet was harmed during the creation of this poem.*****

What are you talking about?
You use to be mind blowing, now you just make me wanna blow my brains out.
What are you talking about?
Your voice use to be the rhythm of which my ear drum would beat,
Now your voice sounds like a war cry, got me surrendering and running in retreat.
What are you talking about?
Cause the language you speaking I just don’t understand,
Need I remind you im not your child, Or did you forget im your man.
What are you talking about?
I used to miss you even when you were just in the other room,
Now I no longer desire to be in your presence, the love I once had is now consumed.
Or should I say confused, I have tried to make peace with you, but you refuse…
To make amends, let bygones be  bygones,
I wont the madness to stop, but you keep pushing me on and on.
Every argument has the same outcome,
In comes more drama, in comes more pain,
I try to sit down and talk it out, but you only hear yourself and wont let  me explain,
My side, my feelings, my perspective.
Its as if you have two mouths and no ears,
You cry loud, but please spare me your tears.
They no longer move me, except to be more frustrated,
The vibe we had, has transformed to violent acts and I just hate it.
I pray but things are getting worse,
It appears my queen has converted into a curse.
My blessing has become the blues,
This mystery is troubling and I have no clues.
My faith has birthed doubt,
Moment after moment,
You have left me wondering, What are you talking about?
Cause I don’t know what you mean when you say….
You don’t think I love you,
When you declare, you no longer care.
When you don’t respond like you once did to your pet names,
You just stare at me blankly like im not sincere, just sincerely playing games.
If im playing, im playing to win you back,
Right now i'm losing and time is slipping away,
I’m doing desperate deeds, cause indeed I wanna stay…
True to this commitment, True to the promises I made,
Love cost, and I'm not ashamed of the price I paid.
So i'm still left to beg the question, still left to figure it all out,
I will keep asking and asking until you finally stop being the answer to my question
What are you talking about?
You ask what I'm talking about?
But do you really want to know?
Can you handle my response?
Or would you rather walk out the door
Turn your back to me
Because my response isn't what you want it to be?
Turn your nose up at me
Because in you're eyes you didn't expect this of me
However since you asked I’ll tell you
You remember me being mind blowing
And I remember blowing your mind
Please tell me what happen to those times
I remember when every word from your lip
Would penetrate my clit instantly
One touch would make me want to give birth mentally
My heart was your bible
We prayed together
Every scripture I uttered
We followed
If I was the formula
You were the bottle
Please tell me what happen to those times
You use to blow my mind
We use to have fun and chit chat
Now we argue
I remember when my opinion never bothered you
Now it seems like my thought aren't tolerable
I remember when I couldn't keep my hands off you
Now we only have sex if we had a few...
Glasses of wine
Its after nine
If you're feeling freaky
I'll surrender and get that ass in line
Which always lead to
Lets try to make it work this time
Its like we're a song
And someone keeps constantly pressing rewind
After three month you get tired of the track
Start thinking its whack
You want to sell it
Or get something new off the rack
What actually happens
The CD is kept stored away for a rainy day
I care for you
But I love me more
I can’t afford
This pain anymore
If silence is my only weapon that will get your attention
I will gladly use it to my discretion
I don't want to hurt you
I want you to smile like you use to
Move on and accept the truth
You ask what I'm talking about?
But I think you already know
Its obvious to the human eye
We just don't want to let it go
Our hearts no longer beat to the same flow
This is how that love thang go
Sometimes you fall in and out
But one thing is for sure
You know what I'm talking about.
To be continued………….

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