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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Analytical Muse #1 - Dimed Lights

Close the doors                                   Turn off the lights
Close the blinds
Only candle light
Remove the batteries
From the remote
No need for TV
It’s a freaking joke
Listen to a couple podcast
While I write
Picture to sight
That’s what I like
It’s a mystery
When it comes to meIts history
That’s why
They call me “C”
I don’t go outside
Outside comes to me
I don’t mess with people
But they love messing  with me
I don’t play games
But the game loves me
I don’t speak hatred
But hatred loves
To hate me
I don’t flock with birds
But they flock to my seat
I don’t mess with fake
But fake be acting nicely
Running through my fam
It’s a scam likely
Close the doors
Turn off the lights
Close the blinds
Only candle light
Close your eyes
Rest for the night
Dream about wealth
And your man tonight

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