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Friday, March 18, 2022

Dear Dairy #6 - Been Awhile...STILL!

It’s been awhile since                                
I wrote a rhythm
Straight off the dome
Let my words flow
Like a mofo menstrual
It’s a bloody situation
Can I have your attention
I’m like a cramp
Coming thru
To mess up every situation
Now feel my frustration
Again it’s been awhile sinceI wrote a rhythm
Straight off the dome
Let my words flow
Like a love bomb
Feel this shit
Like a pussy to a 🍆
Yeah I’m going to talk my shit
It’s been awhile
I’ve been minding my biz
Somehow my name
Is STILL in these mofo heads
They talk about me
Like im mofo dead
I’m awake as f***
Ready to cut off heads
Crown Certified
I’m STILL feisty
Goofy on the side
Businesswoman by day
Artist by night
Freak in between time
I f**k’em right
Words of seduction
Pussy remains tight
No need for entry
Celibacy takes flight
STILL not for that
Peasantry bullshit
Again it’s been awhile since
I wrote a rhythm
Straight off the dome
Let my words flow
You got time
I’ve been humbled
In the BEST way
Always been humbled
Sometimes you need an upgrade
Fought battles above and beneath me
Seek the real love within me
Now I manifest regularly
I’m STILL a beast
I’m STILL insane
I STILL get busy
With this pain
I mean pen
I mean gain
STILL the Queen
STILL hustle to get that Green
STILL notarize that a$$
In 2.5 seconds guaranteed
STILL running numbers
While working toward my dreams
STILL sexy Ass Fuck
What The F**k you mean
STILL cute with the young face
Thicker in the waist
Hips knock my bowlegs
Perfectly in place
STILL hanging niggas
From they’re mother f**king balls
STILL cutting bitches
Mother fucking tongues off
STILL sitting on my throne
With no mother f**king lost
Put some RESPECT on my name

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