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Monday, October 11, 2021

The World We Live In - Brainwashed #6

My PEN is Lethal!                                        
It’s like a syringe
Pumped with 100% of Melanin
Those FAKE A$$ Injections
I See Thru!
Ink Bleed Too
Blink Once
Blink Twice
If you SEE
The Truth TOO
98% is Blind
Brain Dead
2% Out of Range
1% Getting Paid!
Stupidity is getting Waived
Arrogance is getting Praised
Sexuality is getting Displayed
On the Daily
Wrapped in Protection
From the MOST High
From the MOST Wavy
The MOST Feared
The Most Crazy
The Most Fraud
It’s Crazy
Fabrication is the Way to Be
I Must Be
Because this Shit is Beneath Me
It’s Real
I see the Sheep’s
The Bee’s
The Herd
The Birds
What the Fuck
Is really going On
In these Streets
Seems Like
Some Bum Bitch Shit to Me
Who Really Idolize
The Hand that Never Feeds
Who Really Idolize
The People Who Watch You Bleed
Who Really Idolize
The Media that Keeps You in Need
Who Really Idolize
These Celebrities
That Keeps You in Debt
Slang that Money like a Hoe
Tell You to Come Get Get 
Who Really Idolize
Criminal Activity
Murder in the 1st Degree
Rape in the 2nd Degree
Assault in the 3rd Degree
None Forever Cancelled
Because Fame is What You
Hungry to Be
Who Really Idolize
Dr. Fucci Fake
This Dude Got a New Idea
Who Really Idolize
The Government
Get a $1200 Stimulus
Now He’s the Best President
Who Really Idolize
The known Racist
Racing to the Sale Trick
Every Friday, Payday, and Holiday
Who Really Idolize
Sacrifice Your Family & Friends
For a Fake as Industry
Once You Say the Wrong Thing
Your Life Death is a Mystery
Now the Money Goes Back to the Industry  
Who Really Idolize
The Agenda
Knowing it’s an Agenda
America Giving Away Everything Free
Just for You to Get that Shot
That Will Have You in the Grave
10 Feet Deep
It’s Crazy
40 Acres and a Mule
On Backorder
This World will have You
On Your Back Ordering
Bent Over
For a Dollar that doesn’t make Sense
Granny Said
Eat Your Veggies
It Will Keep You Healthy
Granny Said
Mind Your Business
That Will Keep You Busy
Granny Said
Respect is Given When it’s Earned
Actions Speaks Louder than Words
Granny Said
Knowledge is Key
If Produce don’t Got Seeds
Don’t Believe
Don’t Eat
Granny Said
Watch then Speak
If Need Be
Granny Said
Maintain your Morals & Standard
Never Fall for Anything
I’ll ASK Again
Who Really Idolize
These Worldly Things
You KNOW its Fraudulent
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