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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Lines...Sentences...Bars #7 (Just Like Me)

I'm one of a kind     
I know your
Just like me
No one can never rewind
No tape in C
I can repeat every line
Your just like me
I can invest some time
Fish them
Eat them
Return them
Back to the sea
But the fact of the matter
That ain't C
You're not just like me
I can admit when I'm wrong
Wear that badge of honor
Turn a negative into a positive
That's word to your honor
See I'm like a sponge
I soak what I need
Clean the bacteria
That it can possibly feed
Negative ish
I will not let it breed
You would rather not replace it
Face it without fault
No thought
No attempt to change
No wavier in your range
No peace in exchange
You're not just like me
But wait
How can that be
We look alike
Sound alike
Share similar traits
Hell I came from the cake
I never knew the ni$$a
That baked
The oven is open hot
I popped out the box
I was a spitting image of you
So therefore I was just like you
Later in life
On my own
I figured out
I was literally
A spitting image of you
We share the same pain
We share the same shame
All you see is different
First names
But you gave me
My first name
Never complained
About the last
Then I finally realized
Why we clash
The fact of the matter
I’m not like you
You’re not like me
Different rock
Different vibe
Different personalities
Different strives
Different mentalities
Different gains
Different lost
Different guide
Different god
Different truth
Different pride
We not family
You’re a parasite
You never loved me
You’re my kryptonite
You never hugged me
You’re the crush on ice
I thought by birth
I was worth that price
How can you deny this?
The realist
How can you dismiss this?
How can you be mad at this?
Go getter
How can you fear her?
How can you not give into her?
The best of
How can you not support her?
Heart of Gold
Never a deceiver
Lovable by nature
How can you not love her?
The seed you create
Why do you hurt her?
The fact of the matter
I’m not like you
You’re not like me
I can’t escape DNA
But I can escape
Your demonic ways
I’ve grown
Created a different life
It’s called Crown Certified
It’s my throne
No peasants allowed
Mommy dearest
Now go ahead and live your BEST LIFE!

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