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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Lines...Sentences...Bars #8 (Majesty)

My pen is my majesty    
Like Queen to your majesty
I honor thee
Breathe on my words
I cover thee
Seek from the herd
I deliver thee
Understand from the word
I speaketh of thee
Your mind gotta be crazy
To come at me
My range is deranged
My lyrics are estranged
Your vibe is an exchange
If I have change to gain
Don’t f**k with the Queen
Not unless you got
A range
It's over
I can’t f**k
With you non lovers
Mofos undercover
Simple b!tches
Never discovered
Mad cause they ain't discovered
I laugh because of the cover
They covered the sh!t
That wasn't covered
I thank God
I'm covered
Mercy and grace
I stand in my place
Now you baby doll
You're a disgrace
To the race
Please back up
Know your place
Trust me
We don’t race
The same race
We don’t face
The same face
You can’t live
This life
I debate
I’m the unofficial lawyer
You have no case
Don’t make me
Sh!t on your lace
No probable cause
I’ll put you behind bars
Just for fake sauce
You can’t fake the law
It’s funny
I obey the law
I’m hungry
You’re yummy
I will devour
Your draw
Donate money
To your lost
Welcome your a$$
Back in
So you can understand
Mz-AM Laws
Training is the cost
No need to try
To one up thee
I’m already
20 steps above thee
Don’t try thee
I’m a genuine Queen
I’ll lyrically
Put you in the grave
I'm just that F**KING CRAZY! 

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