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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Lines...Sentences...Bars #9 (Dear God #2)

Hello Father    
I know
It’s been awhile
I’m not proud
I’m happy
I’m in your presence
This makes me
Feel joy inside
When it comes to you
I’m vulnerable
All mushy inside
I can’t pretend
Nor put anything
On the backside
Only with you
I can be open
Free and alive
Be bold
Be happy
Be aggressively live
Be humble yet raw
Be real
Speak my thoughts
No judgement
At park
All truth
At the resort
We chill
We talk
I go back and fourth
You’ll erupt
With a pause
I get it
I pause
No more talk
I listen
Deliberately state
Put my life
On the map
Connect the dots
Leave it up to me
To figure out the plot
The plan of action
The cause
The reactions
The solution
The result
The cards
That was dealt
After all
I am the problem
That was the easiest
Gift to get
You know I am
The poetic revolver
Just the other day
Another gift
Came to me
A good deed
Can produce
A good seed
I’m a good seed
I produce
Good deeds
I look up at thee
You erupt yet again
With a pause
I get it
I pause
No more talk
I listen
Deliberately state
This anointing
You have on my life
Is as wide
As the sea
I’m stocked
That you choose me
Big shoes to fill
This position is a big deal
No fakes can seal
Now I understand
Why you chose me
God I love you
I could NEVER give up on you
As I know you will never
Give up on me
I know you’re able
You’re willing
You’re giving
I’m a witness
I’ve seen it
I’ve felt it
I’ve spiritually
Manifested it
As your daughter
Can I witness?
Thank you
Now let me spit this
I get it
I’m not your typical
Far from the usual
I wish I can say
That statement is old
That wouldn’t be true
Not sure if you heard people
I am the truth
God built this suit
It aint fruity blooms
He also built this root
No diggers can consume
I render God’s service
Help those that need
I’m a leader
And a servant
I save lives
I got my own burdens
I relate to those
That is hurting
I cover all with loving
I respect the code
It’s potent
Everything is real
That’s golden
My words is my bond
That’s for certain
I’m still human
I got feelings
I’ve been through
Hell and back
I got hereditary demons
I fight them back
I got a testimony
Worth reading
I’m a survivor
I got mental health issues
I’m worth living
I got lifetime scares
I’m worth healing
I got a big heart
I’m worth loving
My soul belongs to God
I’m worth the crown
I’m the daughter of the King
I’m Proud no matter
The obstacles
That stand trail


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