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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Lines...Sentences...Bars #6 (I Knew)

1 out of 3 to make it
I didn't know my heart
Would be the ticket
My soul would be the witness
I standby awaiting
The goodness
See I knew
He would see me through
See I knew
It would take some hurt and pain
To see the truth
 See I knew
Facing it would be devastating
However he gave me strength
 That I knew
As the tasmanian devil on my back
It was a must I followed suit
The Leo in my spirit
I felt it
I demand it
You will provide
What is due
In other terms
You reap what you sow
My garden is good
It's on beast mode
Your spirit is bad
It's time to relapse
On that good ish
That in tune ish
What I call The realist
You ever speaketh
See I knew
I would get over it
My heart is the slowest
As my love is genuine
You got the chance to notice
Instead of loving it
You chose to break it
Play with it
Undermining whom you're forsaking
The literal daughter of the King
How can you mistake this
He's been number one
In my life since day one
He reigns supreme
That's why I GO HARD
Because without him
There would be no
In these streets
So yes
I knew
At some point
It would be challenging for me
As the servant
I aim to please
Whatever that takes
It's in me
I'm built for this
I call them my assignments
However I must be honest
It's hard
When you knew
What you know
Now that's facts
I knew...

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