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Friday, September 22, 2017

Lines...Sentences...Bars #5 (Note-To-Self)

Well hello dear
It’s been awhile
Since we’ve talked
To each other
I’ve noticed
You’ve talked to everyone
But me
At first I took it personal
Then I figured
You would get back to me
Thus I decided to wait
Then suddenly
You reached out
More so
You tapped in
I can’t lie
I thought you forgot about me
But I knew that was impossible
I am who I am
I am her
She is me
I am you
You are me
We are we
You can leave anything in this world
Excluding me
I’ve missed you so much
I cringed every moment
You blocked me
I cried every moment
You denied me
I was furious
When I extended a hand
Over and over again
You slapped it away
As a young child
Trying to touch a hot plate
Note to self
You made yourself an example
Asking for help from the wrong people
Dipping in ponds
You knew that was contaminated
Living in a cluster of lies
Because you did not want
To deal with the truth
Looking for love
In the wrong place
Wrong face
Wrong heart
Wrong soul
Wrong situations
Wrong people
Note to self
What the f**k is wrong with you
This is not like you
What happened
I mean
I know shit happened
But damn
You’ve always knew
How to Tasmania
Your way through distractions
Fucked up characters
Falsified characteristics
No matter how hard the battle
What I need you to understand
You happened
You’ve held onto so much
But let go so little
You put sh!t
On the back burner
Then got burnt
As you’ve always done
Your entire life
Not by choice
By survival
That instinct 
Will never go away
However it’s manageable
Please by all means
Learn how to manage it
Don’t let it manage you
As you’ve done in the past
The thing about the past
Its past tense
It’s now the future
What decision will you make
Regarding what principles
I challenge you
To rediscover
What happened to Ciera?
Who is Nicole?
What happened to Mz-AM
Who is Ms. Young
What happened to that girl
That had no problem
Getting on her knees
Praying to God
Thanking him with please
What happened to that girl
That always repented for her sins
What happened to that girl
Whose smile never ends
She became lost within sin
Traveled beyond the deepest end
Somehow survived
Because that’s what
She use too
Note to Self
You’ve survived
It’s time to live out loud
Live proud that you made it
Beyond all doubts
Accept it
Enjoy it
Release the negativity
Remain standing on your own
Two feet
Roar when you feel
The need
Speak when need be
Encourage freely
Love deeply
Help honestly
Long live the Queen
If you need another
Note To Self
Remember I’m always here
Remain Crown Certified

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