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Friday, September 8, 2017

Lines…Sentences…Bars #4 (The Demon Detox)

As I flush you away 
I’m not taking
Any residue with me
I’m detoxing that a$$
Because I have no
More room for negativity
It’s beyond
F**kery, Foolery, and peasantry
I can’t translate nor debate
Looking and praying for a positive escape
The escape is the bait
Not handling it
Is the weight
That keeps us down
Below ground
Into the flesh
Out of spirituality
You can’t have any part of me
I reject you
My body can’t take
No more of you
It’s the ultimate detox
For every f**king season
The devil trying to kill me
For every f**king reason
Controlling my thoughts
Controlling my mind
Taking over my actions
Taking over my time
People only see
My smile in disguise
The strength of a Queen
Is the pride I provide
Protected by the heart
No one can deny
In my mind
No one can ever understand
The struggle to survive
No one can understand
The feelings inside
Deep rooted from ancestry’s spirits
I feel every vibe
I feel every tide
When the wave comes through
I’m pushed to the side
Left there just to realize
I’m in need of a
Demon detox
34 years of fake ass sh!t
34 years of dumb ass b!tches
34 years of fake ass ni$$as
34 years of falsified family
34 years of pretend friends
34 years of confusion
34 years of god
Trying to prove to me
Whom I’m meant to be
I’m in need of a
Demon detox
Distracted by
The worldly ways
Feed by the worldly taste
Encouraged by the worldly face
Reminded by the world daily
Of my past mistakes
Or mistakes done to me
I’m in need of a
Demon detox
As I flush you away
I’m not taking
Any residue with me
I’m detoxing that a$$
Because you’re not good to me
For me
With me
Enough is enough
I’m tired and done with it all
As I flush you away
I will not look back
I will move forward
With a clean spirit
A positive attitude
With a smile
Knowing I no longer
Can let you enter
My soul
In any aspect
With no regrets
I’m detoxing that a$$
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