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Sunday, May 10, 2015

#URL - Uncaged Royal Lioness #10 - The Final Words

Rock heads
Break bread
Let my words travel
Used as a survival tip
Of the week
I reap the words I speak 
By the means of what I sow
My heart is the master of my soul
It’s only right to be bold
The Queen of my throne
The proper rest
Results at home
Family and friends
Beyond the temple
No competition
They got a throne
Of their own
No negativity
It's all about
That positive shit
Contagious like a
Thick ass bitch
Look at that ass
Two times quick
It's so fat
Niggas memorize it
I like to literally
Fuck up shit
Play with my words
Mz - Analytical Muse
Got that dope ass dick
Doggy-style your mental
Fuck you while
You're on your menstrual
Exercise those muscles
Remind you of the hustle
Don't let anybody
Stop your Grind
Waste your time
Down to minutes
Fuck that
You damn right
No one is exempted
You’re responsible
For your own shit
Wipe it good
With Angel Soft
Obey your diet
Gain or loss
I don’t give a fuck
I'll bill the cost
No benefit to me
I don't write checks
My ass don't cash them
I direct
Deposit funds
The last time I checked
Shitting was easy
Daily and freely
Niggas and bitches
Phony and breezy
Any given Sunday
Thrown something cheesy
Protected by the sun
No need for shade
Eyes wide open shut
No need to fake
Customize Crown
Certified from the gate
I’m done playing around
It’s an increase in wage
Long story short
It’s my time to take
It’s time to roar
Uncaged Royal Lioness
Signing OFF

Copyright 2015

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