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Monday, April 27, 2015

#URL - Uncaged Royal Lioness #9

Listen up
Hold your clutch
Grab your balls
Your time is almost up
It's time to take off
Like your first time
Laid off

Like the first time
You bust that nut
Like the first time
He ate that butt
Like the first time
Ya'll 69'ed each other
Listen up
I dont say this shit for my health
I dont do this shit for wealth
Or else
I would be rich and healthy
I'm more like a guiding light
You see
My light shines so bright
It can't be ignored
It can't be forced
Its resourceful
It's notable
It's noble
To stand in front of you
Let my mouthpiece
Be your lyrical visual content
Make your mind spin
Put me on your calendar
As a weekly reminder
Mz-AM is a grinder
Never grimmie
It's time to take off
Like a escaped prisoner
No more walls
No more bars
Tick tick tick
I bombed them bitches
The Royal Lioness Uncaged
In rage with determination
Family, God, Love and Success
I won't rest until death
I've finally realized
My cure for insomnia
In the A.M.
I become Mz-AM
Equipped and ready to
Artistically castrate tongues
Metaphorically assassinate
Mentally rearrange Gums
Verbally demolish
The bad bitch character
In order to put
Queens back on there throne
It's time to take off
In the P.M.
I'm all about business
My profession
Is my obsession
As the Queen of the jungle
I'm willing to digress my roar
In order to welcome
The kings back home
I'm ready to accept change
Adapt to new
Conquer the war
Choose my battles
Face my fears
Live my life
Get back on the mic
Let the world know
Mz-AM is here
It's time to take off

Copyright 2015

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