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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Unusual Vulnerability #1 - "T.R.U. Love (To Really Understand Love)"

I want to look in your eyes sober 
And tell you I love you
Drink water consistently
Seven days a week
For three months
Just to make sure it's clear
My love with you
I should never fear
Fasting on the concept of factor
The factor becomes the matter
Understand and digest thoroughly
I’m all that matters
Can I soak into your heart?
Like a sponge
Lick your love up
Like a thirsty hooker
Fuck your mind up
Like a tricky joker
As I slip on the masterpiece
Grind until I'm sick
Slide up and down
On that shit
Until You KING say
I quit
Make you bust
Real quick
On some stupid shit
Some real shit
Some wild shit
Some kid shit
A couple of nuts
Will do the justice
My love is faultless
Fall in love
In 2.5 seconds flat
The masterpiece got my mind going back
Yes backwards
When sex was good
In love was greater
When a connection
Was more important than chemistry
When the masterpiece wasn’t a remedy
When money wasn’t the melody
To every story and solution
When grabbing that ass in public
Was flirtatious
Not disgusting
When kissing in public
Wasn’t sexual manipulation
When sex wasn’t the topic
Of every conversation
When the word Love was used
As a form of expression
When expressing feelings
Wasn’t a contraception
For reality
Natural disasters are meant to happen
Fighting the storm is a natural reaction
Until hurt & pain hit the meter
A question mark
Is worth the reader
A response is worth the worth
Continued conversation depends on your worth
My conscious is your heart
Locked into a vault
Waiting to be unlocked
Yes I hold it down for the Crown
So my stance is allowed
Bitches stay on the prowl
Mimicked and/or betrayed
Never official indeed
They aint Crown Certified
They aint got waves
No matter how you twist or turn it
You just can’t stand this way
Walk this walk
 Talk this talk
As a matter of fact
I want fuck up
Just to make up
Knowing the fuck up
Wasn’t a fuck up
I want to ride for you
While you ride for me
FYI in advance…
Handling me aint Easy
I’m Complex yet Genuine
The Queen of the Jungle
I ROAR for fun
You damn sure
Got to be a King
To get at me
I’m a Queen
Jack-et of all trades
Dreams heavenly weighted
Faith never persuaded
Grind like a prostitute
Presence never delayed
To Really Understand Love
You Must Understand ME!


"Title inspired" by Stephanie Burden & Written by: Mz-AM via MzAMLLC #CrownCertified #TitleInspiredPoems #SupportersAppreciation Feel free to Share posts and join the blog!

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