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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

#URL - Uncaged Royal Lioness #8

I hit the reset button
Because it’s time to reset
It's time to respond
No time for regrets
It's time to realize
No time to be upset
It's time to try again
No time for loose ends
It's time to take charge
No time for revenge
It's time to wake up
No time to sleep in
So I hit the reset button
Hit the ground running
No fleets
Long distance
I'll take the shortcut
If the money and/or situation is worth it
Thus the deal must serve a purpose
Business is business
Feelings not in it
Personal is personal
Feelings start from the beginning
Tired of cheating on my frown
So my smile became the mistress
Fear is the number one bitch
On my hit list
Success is the number one goal
On my win list
May God be my witness?
Drive is my ride for greatness
No more weak ass surprises
I'm on a diet from fake ass advertiser
For the rest of my life
I can't get hungry
Off these worthless appetizers
Even if free was the price
Per bite
Dinner plus wine
Aint worth the night
My ears are no longer open
To you fake ass advisers
Your worthless lies
I'm not moved by
Your thoughtless tries
I rolled that shit up
Get high
Smoke it like a Cadillac
In 2.5 seconds
My heart is no longer open
To love
From you lames ass bums
You know those mother fuckers
Always looking for a get up
Because they can't catch up
You know them simple ass bitches
Faking they down for you
Meanwhile they planning your funeral
You know those leeches
Only down for you when it's beneficial
You know that bloodline
The first to claim you
The last to never save you
You know the weak
They always mad because you're strong
So I hit the reset button
I had to recharge
What I call
My mouthpiece battery
My tongue served raw
Only a King can soften it up
Only respond to Queen your majesty
I'm Crown Certified
I can back it up
They can never keep me down
I'm a Lion
I'll always get up
Get back on my throne
Then let my mouthpiece
Claim what I know
Hit the reset button

Copyright 2015

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