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Monday, March 30, 2015

#URL - Uncaged Royal Lioness #7

…Hustling like a drug dealer
Serve straight raw
Over looked
Like a nerd
In math class
Always involved
What the fuck I got to do

Get naked
Show my bra
Seduce men
Until I make their dicks rock hard
Lick them balls
Like a fucking retard
Joggle them shits
Like 5 damn jobs
Lying to the wives
For a blow job
Keeping side bitches
Like it’s a part-time job
It’s no benefits involved
Wouldn't understand
A Queen
If she was standing there
Draws less
Wet like shit
Completely open
Ridiculously deep
Pass the pussy
Detour toward the heart
Real shit at your feet
Sink or swim
Life is not a retreat
More like a relief
To the insanity
That’s insane
To the sane
That’s outer range
Fuck the blame
A change is needed
A new season of breathing
A new example of leaders
A new Artist weekly
Business and savvy
What are these labels waiting for
I’ll play these bars
Like a fucking guitar
Switch some shit up
Like a homosexual involved
Suck me off
For more bars
Song writing
Ghosting writing
Abide the law
Real shit at your door
Do you hear me knocking
Knock Knock
I’ll break down the fucking door
When spoken too or hear me roar!

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