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Friday, January 2, 2015

Cheers to You!

Let’s start the Year off right     
Keep your shit tight
Don’t let another eat
Until you take the first bite
Hustling is a mind state
Grinding is a mandate
Get your money
Don’t let the money get you
Take that vision out of space     
Discover and implement something new
It may be different
Considered weird
Not cool
Fuck that
Become the next trendsetter
That set your own rules
Become the next setter of trends
Provide some new goals
Shake up the game
Don’t let it shake you
Create your own lane
Swerve in that thang
If you want too
Just make sure your Art
Is copyrighted and original
Don’t waste brain
It’s irresponsible
Don’t want fame
It will cost you
Know the power of your lane
You can block fools
Led that ass to construction
Focus is the key
Success is the lock
Open that door
Be free
Knock down those stereotypes
Snatch the eyes out of people’s souls
Help them realize and utilize
The truth within you
Help you discover
The truth within them
Change equals results
Results is the reflection of that change
Don’t wait for a hand out
Just ask for another hand
Don’t be ashamed to ask for help
Be ashamed
Your ego needs a seat-belt
Sometimes it’s best to shut up
Wait for the instructions and directions
Observation at its best
Determination will not rest
As long as your motivation is the test
Happy New Year to ALL
Get in your Brand New Car
Drive until you've reached your destination
I’ll see you there!

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