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Friday, January 23, 2015

Light Skin – Stereotypical Sh!t

White girl                                         
High yellow girl
Bright light
Just right?!?!?!?
As a women
I was born with strength
Not that typical strength
That super powerful strength
That old spiritual Negro strength
As you can see I’m light skin
During slavery I would be consider
A house ni$$a
It’s 2015 I’m still considered a house ni$$a
Especially when it comes to corporate America
I’m what you called
A mixed breed
Too light to be outside
Working in the field
But light enough to be
Working in the house
Get raped
Verbally abused
Used daily as a prostitute
Just to contribute
To the wealth and foundation
That my blood, sweat, tears, pussy, and body built
Its 2015 so the obvious abuse and misuse
Has been masked and/or brainwashed
Non - acceptance to the past
Creates a cycle that will forever last
Just replaced with another mask
No more “Passing” to be something you’re not
No more “Dark paper bagging” create your own organization
No more “Comb” tasking rock whatever the hell makes you feel great
No more “One drop ruling” A drop really? F**k a drop, keep moving!
White girl
High yellow
Bright light
Just right?!?!?!?
As a young girl
I would repeatedly hear
Your daddy is white
You have a white girl shape
You have a white girl butt
You’re wide
Just like a white girl
Hell even the neighborhood and friends
Would agree
Mostly men
I never liked them
Bow legs attracted them
Comments would release
From their lips
As if I was an adult soliciting
I would hear
Your hips are spreading
When you get older girl…
As if they were waiting
For my 13th birthday
Mother never paid attention to sh!t
But herself drugs, alcohol and 🍆
Introduced to sex
Before I knew what sex was
Introduce to neglect
From birth I was given up
From the soul I’m a giver
No pretender
Life is Realer than people
White girl
High yellow girl
Bright light
Just right?!?!?!?
I’m angry inside
Pissed off
My roots run extremely deep
Its stems from family deceit
Child molestation
In house racism
Missing siblings
F**ked up beliefs
Low self-esteem
Drug dealers and users
With the best practices
Combining all of it
Just f**king incomplete
White girl
High yellow girl
Bright light
Just right?!?!?!?
My value is priceless
I’m not your trophy ni$$a
I don’t play games
I’m not that toy in the store
You be wishing for
I’m not your token
For keepsakes
I’m light on the outside
Dark in the inside
Combined race
I've been through it all
Pick a date
Judge me by my face
Would be a disgrace
Of judgment to your race
Nigga you should know better
Judge me by my complexion
Would be a mistake
This mouthpiece will
Put you in your place
I fight for peace
Healing relief
Diversity Understanding
I am not
White girl
High yellow girl
Bright light
Just right?!?!?!?
My complexion doesn't define me
I am #1
I am Queen
I am Worth
I’m ME

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