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Thursday, March 14, 2013

I can’t…

Please let me reintroduce myself 
My name is Mz-AM
For those that do not know what Mz-AM stands for…
Here you go
Mz-Analytical Muse
I’m extremely Analytical and I like to play with my words
It’s 2013 I’m gone with the wind CROWN CERTIFIED (lol)

It’s nothing anyone can do or say to change that status
If you know me
You know I don’t have time for any negativity
If I ever get to the point I want to beat your ass
You might want to thank the last 5 years of growth honestly
I’m not a stranger with fighting battles
But I am new to picking them carefully
If you’re too loose with the lips
It might result in a verbal kiss
Following up with the words my ass
I can’t stand bitches with no class
Fake friends that portray to be a REAL ass chick
When exposed they act like they don’t know shit
I can’t stand lame ass dudes with no goals or motivation
But quick to offer that whack ass dick
I can’t stand gold diggers, neglectful fathers, and misbehaved kids
Something has to change
I can’t stand individuals who substitute Real for Rude
It’s not that HARD to know the difference between the two
I can’t stand individuals that love to hate
And hate to support
Then get mad when blessing isn't knocking at the door
I can’t stand anything negative
So please miss me with it all
I’m too busy being the BOSS
Claiming and counting my rewards
Motivating and inspiring those who are at war
Teaching and listening to those that are on board
See I ROCK that positive shit
If you can’t get with it
Please step behind me
While I graceful do not acknowledge thee
Instead keep it moving as I always do seriously
I can't stand some people at times....I'm BACK!!!! 

Copyright 2013

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