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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day Mz-AM Poetry (For Couples and Singles)

Happy Valentines Day Mz-AM Poetry!

(For Couples and Singles)


In this thing we call life
We are meant to find someone
At some point that is pleasing to the eye
Someone that will love you more than anything in this world
Flaws and all
The five love laws
Where you love that person
The love established is controlled by no other than God
He's the ultimate planner
It's his movie
We are the characters
Playing the part
The intensity, scary, emotional, happy, and sad moments
Are the reasons why
We have each others heart
The reason why I choose you to fill that empty spot
Happy Valentines Day Baby


Okay its Valentines Day
I'm single
Not bitter nor lonely
But its funny
How some people would assume so
Because I'm not in a relationship publicly
On this loving day
What's even funnier
No one knows what I do behind close doors
But me and he
Thank God for privacy
Lets be honest
Some of us still enjoy
Not utilizing unnecessary outside noise
I'll rather keep you guessing
And not let
A day
A moment
An opinion
Validate me
My status
My blessing

Copyright 2013

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  1. Happy Valentines Everyone No matter your status! LOL :) Enjoy!


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