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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"D&P" By: Mz-AM & Lyrically Speakn

The shit I got to say they're not gonna put in a rap
So I gotta put it in a poem and utilize my poetic swag
What people will do for pussy or Dick in 2013 is equivalent too
What crack and meth heads do for the next trick
It's REAL in these streets
True story people are at their lowest point
Pussy or Dick mental conflicts is what got them there
Pussy or Dick substitution for stability or financial roles will keep them there
And the bucket will continue for generations until someone say's
It stops here
Please let me be clear
You heard it here first

I don't have all day so let me get straight to the point
No matter how long, thick, or good the Dick may be ladies
It's not worth your children, family, soul, marriage, nor womanhood
Trust me there is plenty of Dick in the sea
And if yours is not acting right
What's beautiful about the sea
You can throw his ass BACK in the sea
And go fishing whenever you please
The power is NOT in the Pussy
Trust me
If your mentality is set as thee
I suggest you reconsider immediately
You don't want to grow old thinking like that
With a wrinkle ass Pussy
Spare me
Men I know this is something you may not want to hear
The power is NOT in your Dick
Just because you maybe able to hit that spot consistently
Long stoke that Pussy regularly
Doesn't mean you don't have to pay child support
If you truly think dick is a substitution for cash or the welfare of your child
Your sadly mistaking
Fuck the Dick
Check your morals
Take care of your business
Please do not get me wrong
It's okay to enjoy good Dick or Pussy
But it should not run your life
You shouldn't have to pay a price
These days price can be anything
Cash or Ass
Drugs or Love
Pride or God
Lies or Hoes
Kids or STDs
Dick or Pussy isn't worth negative shit
Just think about it
It's suppose to be an enjoyable experience
Instead in 2013 this is what happens


I need this bill paid let me throw some Pussy at this dude
I need my hair, nails, and feet did let me go suck this dude Dick
Girl I want that new Bentley I guess I'll be fucking him real good tonight


Baby I told you I'm leaving her now suck this Dick
Your husband he not treating you right now fuck this Dick
You need some money what you gonna put on this Dick
What the Fuck is wrong with this world
It seems as people mentality's are surrounded by Dick or Pussy

The status of the relationship doesn't matter
No person should be manipulated by Dick or Pussy for their personal gain
Personally if that's all you have to offer
Open your own business offering Dick and Pussy favors
It's a market for everything these days
Boom I'll write your business plan
Either way
Sit your ass down and re-strategize
You don't want to be a hoe or have hoe-ish tendencies for the rest of your life
There are certain things worth more than the pain that comes along with a name
A name of hoe, slut, trick
There's more out of life, take your pick
Your career
Your kids
Your love
Your worth
Your joy
Your dedication to let life be your girth
Living as intended seems a bit far fetched this season
But there has got to be a reason so many people feel the need
The need to nourish that insatiable greed
The need to fall to your knees all for the promise of security
It seems its too much of a hassle to be an actual gem
Falling back 20 steps each time you let him in
And each time you let her suck, fuck
Knowing she's not the chick you really want
There's nothing cute
About a “round the way”
You been around the way and now your temple is Fried, Baked, Filleted
Submerged in Mess
And the test will be
When your king or your Queen squints their eyes at thee
Confessing that they don't see
The beauty that once lied beneath
See its a painful reality to have to face what you see in the mirror
Lifestyle mistakes become clearer
Mad at everyone but the figure which is self
That played the game and lost its wealth
Lost everything that may have meant
As you loyally create more bones to bury in that old oak closet
The generation begs you to stop it
Examples are lost in the shuffle
Far and few in between
Royalty we were meant to be
But Dick or Pussy created a new scene
This movie doesn't end well
Wait and you will see


I thought the Pussy would keep him
Now I'm reaping what I've sewn
Feeling pain like I've never known
This identity is harmful to my being
But he said he'd be there for me if I just
Sucked a little
Fucked a little
Pictured life easier if I just let him have the middle


The Dick was supposed to reel her in
Nigga's talking about she getting it in
What The Fuck
I just wanted to fuck
Now I'm stuck
In this parallel universe
Traveling in a long black hearse
This bitch got me fucked up

The Reality is
You're only as strong as your mental
Physical comes and goes
Then you find yourself off-centered
Take heed to the words that reflect the falling people
Dick or Pussy will get you there
But only self worth and validation will keep you

Copyright 2013

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