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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Situations #11: When Playing Games Go Wrong

It was a gloomy day nothing to do
I call my home girl so we chit chat and act a fool
All of a sudden
She says we need to find a man for you
I replied I don’t find
I believe in the scripture
A man that finds his wife finds a good thing
She replied God also said meet him halfway
I realized she would not let it go
I agreed to a blind date

If I knew then what I know now
I would've found some reason to escape
The potential game I would have to play
I agreed to meet for dinner
Date night approach
I'm Diva from head to toe
The reservations was under his last name
As I enter the building
My mind begins to wonder
What if...
The host says hello...
Then I hear this deep voice ask
Are you...
Before he could complete his sentence
I stated yes I am
He introduced himself
Beautiful smile I must say
He gave me a single rose
I thought to myself how cute
He directed me to the table
Pushed the chair out so I could sit
I could not help but to smile
The other eleven flowers were sitting in front of me
Dinner was great
We conversed about life on every level
He was a gentleman
No kiss attempts
No overly flirtatious gestures
Just a simple hug once the date was over
We continued to go on numerous dates
Three months pass
I'm finally dating someone with substances
All of sudden
His actions changed
Communication starter to lack
Excuses begin to stack
My tolerance and patience
Now climbing the  rack
No call
No show
However more excuses
So hell
I chucked the deuces
Back to dating
A week with no communication
He called
More excuses
I explained to him
Shit happens
Its cool
Lets just continue to be friends
Hang out but no breaking the rules
He stated
But I want you
No exceptions
I need a girlfriend like you
I replied
Your actions must prove
The opposite of what you do
He replied
No problem
I want to show you
Why I'm the one for you
Three more months pass
Lavish dates
Generous gifts
Moments of excitement
Everything back to new
One day I rec'd a call from him
I have some bad new
I've been dishonest with you
I've been in a committed relationship
For the last two years
But now I'm through
I let her go for you
Please baby tell me how you feel
I can handle the truth
I replied
Shit happens
Its cool
But there is no way I can commit to you
See I've been dating another dude
Lately I've been waiting for a clue
To take our relationship to the next level
Thanks to you
In the next five minutes
I'll be his girlfriend boo
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