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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

That Chick - Popular Poems

                                                              Yes I’m that Chick                                                                 
The one that wears her crown
No matter the circumstances
The women that has overcame every obstacle
That managed to surface
I’ve forgiven those that spoke against my name
Implemented some type of pain
Those that have disappointed me for their personal gain
Despite the fight
Yes I’m that chick
Unbelievably nice and generous
A real friend that will have your back
It’s endless
However my disclaimers are the realest
If you can’t handle the heat
I suggest you get out of the kitchen
I’ll serve you a meal you will never forget
Yes I’m that chick
I will hold my family down to the death of me
My man until he betrays me
I keep God first
Repent for every wrong
Thank God for every right
Anything in between is a part of the flight
No destination is guaranteed
Just like tomorrow
We can only pray and see
If we’re blessed another day
To live and breathe
Yes I’m that chick
Feisty and 5’3
Smart and beautiful
Educated and Single
My choice
His dream
One day we’ll meet
If rubbed the wrong way
I will murder you in your sleep
I meant dream
I’ll make you swallow and eat
Every word I breed
I can’t be behind bars
Those ladies will love me
Peace is what I bring
When I speak
I love diversity
When you see me
I could be with many that are different from me
I’m an open-minded individual
With limitations
Don’t try me
I keep it honest
Don’t lie to me
If you did or plan to
That’s the reason you’re behind me
I’m a Queen chasing my dreams
Follow me
Only a King can honor my attention
Feel me
I have the strength of a lion
A heart of gold
I roar not bark
Please don’t get that misunderstood
I don’t play games
But I do play lotto
The wrong approach will result in my motto
Fuck you I’m me
I will dismiss your rebuttal
Yes I’m that chick
Any questions?

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  1. I love that little cousin i wish u could write me a poem for my oldest son's college graduation


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