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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Situations #12: Instantly Single

Shawn 30
Michelle 28
Happy couple
Both attractive
Well known professional class citizens
Shawn a lawyer
Michelle an accountant
They’ve been in a committed relationship for 2 years
No children
Chemistry unbelievable
Sex be popping
Bedroom always rocking
With different festivities
If you know what I mean
And eatable deliveries
As Michelle always put it
Pussy in his face
I don’t have no worries
Ok so we got it
Sex is not an issue
No fighting
Great communication
Let’s be real everyone has an opinion
Seems like a great compatible couple
Its date night with the friends
Michelle and Shawn went their separate ways with their crew
To make a long story short
They both end up at the same club
Shawn was present first
Michelle walks in an hour later
Looking sexy I might add
Walking gracefully to the bar
Once she reached the bar
She glances to the left
With laughter from a previous joke
She took that double take
Like neck break double take
Like when you knew
You seen something you were not suppose to see
She saw her man with another woman
Coupled up kissing on the other side of the bar
Michelle as diva as she can be
Walked over and said hello to Shawn
Shawn looked caught, surprised, and did not know what to do
So Michelle spoke to the women and stated:
Hello I’m Michelle
Shawn’s ex girlfriend
Well Shawn it was great to see you
Have a great life
And walked gracefully away
She partied all night with her crew
Never looked back to see what Shawn was doing
Men bought her drinks all night long
She had a blast
The DJ asked if it was her birthday
She replied no
He asked did she get a divorce
She replied no
He asked why you are celebrating
She replied because I’m instantly single
***The moral of the story is: Don’t consider your significant other cheating devastating. Instead look at it for what it is...YOU’RE INSTANTLY SINGLE, So hangout with the girls and have a great time.***

Copyright 2013

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